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The factory complex is approx.29,450 m2 with 8,130 m2 dedicated to actual production area.
In addition to these facilities we have a growth and investment plan through to 2012 to increase our production capabilities.

Our facilities
 Induction Heating 

        Accurated control of temperature 
        Surface quality

 Continuous manufacture installations
        M5 From 40 mm . up to 58 mm.
        M7 From 58 mm. up to 120 mm.
        M8 From 68 mm. up to 153 mm.
        M9 From 68 mm. up to 120 mm.
 NDT installations and inspectors qualified
 Continuous Heat Treatment (Q+T) desing by VICINAY MARINE
 Shoot blasting machine
 Proof Test
        800 tons.
        1.500 tons.
 Vertical Final inspection towers

Production Control
With our customers always in mind FMAC ensures that full material traceability is made,managing the production and optimizing our resources to achieve the very highest levels of quality though the implementation of programs such as ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning).
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